Thursday, September 04, 2008

One more day...

Okay, so I am sooooooooooooooo spoiled! I have been married to my best friend and the love of my life for 8.5 years now, and we have only been apart for the 5 days that Hana was in the hospital with a fever at 4 months of age. Other than that, never been apart more than the daylight hours. It's the nature of what we do I guess. When we first married we knew the day would come in our ministry where Rocky might have to go without me, so we decided for as long as we could, if at all humanly possible, we would spend every night together in the same place as a family. It was just something we felt was important, setting an example for a culture where the husband and wife relationship is usually the least important of all relationships. We wanted it to be a testimony.

And now I am soooooooooooo spoiled! Rocky had to have a little bit of minor surgery (which there is no such thing as anything minor with the medical system in Japan). Minor surgery here will land you in the the hospital for a week or more. Rocky's in particular, 10 days AT LEAST! ugh. In America, it would be totally outpatient, you'd be home within the hour. NOT here, but I won't get on my soap box about that one. Tomorrow is day 9 and I am about to go out of my mind! Of course I can see him in the day, but at night I have to come home to this big ol' house and that big ol' bed all by myself (of course my precious little girl is here, but she goes to bed early and I'm lonely once she's down for the night). Not to mention it is sooooooooooooooooo boring. I was looking forward to the downtime after our crazy busy summer of ministry, but I haven't been able to sleep well with him gone. I'm spending all kinds of time on Facebook searching for every person I've ever known whose name I can remember! LOL!!! And I've done a few sewing projects in the past week, which I was looking forward to getting to do some crafts, for my own sanity, something of a hobby as a bit of a break from the craziness.

Just one more day and he'll be home. Ha, I know I know, so spoiled! But I'm just still so in love with that hubby of mine and I miss him terribly.

So can I just say the American media drives me absolutely bonkers. Just a few words to sum it all up -- double-standards, hypocritical, one sided, non-sense! Sorry but just gotta get that out there. Take every statement that has been said about Sarah Palin and say that about Hillary Clinton and the backlash would be unbearable. Take all those statements and say them about ANY man in office and people would look at you like you are complete idiot. Total hypocricy if I've ever seen it. Maybe now people will realize that they aren't really getting the "news" when they watch the "news". What they are getting is... brain-washed.

I'm totally stoked! My cousin is coming to stay with us for a couple months. Can NOT wait! House decorating buddy! Work-out buddy! Shopping-buddy! Ministry-buddy! Absolutely ADORE my cousin! She's more like my baby sister. I can not wait to have her here. Hana's gonna drive her nuts! ;)

Speaking of Hana. What's with the independent streak they hit when they turn 4. NO BODY ever told me about this one. They warn you ALL about the twos! The twos were a breeze, I kept wondering when the terrible part happens. The threes??? A tad bit more challenging but still a blast. But something happened a couple weeks before this kiddos 4th birthday. She became Miss Independent. It ought to come with a crown and a sash, I wasn't there when she won the title, I don't know when it happened, but it must have, cause she is definitely Miss Independent. She wants to butt heads about EVERYTHING. I thought I was going to go out of my mind until her grandmother made a very clever observation today. She said that Hana's reasoning skills sure have developed. That's when it hit me. This is part of her development and mentally she is reasoning through now why she is told to do things, why she has to do things she's always had to do, etc. When I saw from that perspective it was a revelation. I have to start parenting from a whole new perspective now. She is thinking through the why's and how's all of the sudden, so I have to be prepared with reasons and help her understand. This in no way changes the fact that what Mommy and Daddy says is the way it is gonna be, but she is a human being a deserves to know why. The question is, do I have the patience to add this new dimension to my parenting. OH boy, this is where it starts getting fun! I'm learning already that explaining it once is not enough. Usually I have to explain it again and again and again and again until she gets it. This is where the patience plays a big role. Not my best virtue, just ask my hubby. Someone once said that parenting is not only about the parenting training the child, but the child training the parent. Getting schooled right now, that's for sure!

That cafe ministry I inherited at church!? Totally a blast! Lovin it! I'm a business woman at heart, I truly am. Got that from my Momma! What a blast!

Okay so I think that's an update that got me closer to bedtime. ugh, now I'm lonely again! ONe more day...