Saturday, July 29, 2006


I hardly even have time to take care of myself these days. It is just pure craziness. You'll find on our ministry blog that the CMA ballet girls are here right now. It has been awesome, God is really working through all their ministry events. It is such a priviledge to be a part of it. But we are out and about EVERY single day. Poor Hana, she must wonder what happened to a normal life. She doesn't know what a normal bed time or nap time is anymore because she never got to recover from jet lag and return to normal before the craziness hit. However, she is doing WONDERFUL, being a sweet heart and coping quite well with all the random-ness of these last weeks.

I'm doing great too, I have only gotten to work out at the gym twice since we got back so I am a little frustrated with the lack of opportunity to do my thing, but the two days of dance camp were a pretty good workout. I LOVED the ballet session we had, it was an amazing leg work out. I am very very tempted to take ballet now. I am just so NOT flexible though. I am very curious as to whether flexibility can be attained at this late a stage in life. I've never been flexible. I tried soooooooooo hard to do the splits in cheerleading in high school, never did get there. I got pretty close, after stretching every day for months on end, but never go there. I have gotten quite a bit more flexible in the last months though. Anyways, I may take up ballet. I know I'd love for Hana to do it too.

On another note, Rocky and I are strongly considering home schooling. God is really speaking to us about it in many ways, and we are pretty much decided on it. I think it would take something major to deter us. I am sooooooooooooooo excited. Lots to learn about it, and much to do in the next few years. The hardest obstacle will be the reaction we will get from some of those close to us, especially Rocky's parents. We have already mentioned it to them in the past and they were totally shocked and opposed. Of course that has no bearing on whether we do it or not, but it won't be easy if we constantly have objection and criticism from them about it. So we are praying they will understand.

I am loving ministering with these special summer events, but I can not wait to get back in the gym and pick up where I left off. I am so motivated and it is frustrating not to be able to act on that.

It's great to be back on my blog again too!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'm back!!!!!!!!

Life is so crazy but I'm here. We got back from the States like a week ago, but it has been non stop ever since. But I am alive and well, the US was awesome, but exhausting, and Japan is just as bad if not worse. We got back Tuesday night, ran around Wednesday and repacked, went to camp with Jr. high/High School Thurs/Fri/Sat, church and afureru today and tomorrow is family band cocnert. I LOST MY VOICE! It is so frustrating to not be able to talk or sing. I won't be singing in the concer tomorrow.

Still on my health kick. I actually LOST weight in Ameirca. Worked out today at my gym FINALLY and weighed in at 65.2!!!!!!!!!!! My last weight was 66.something before left, but in the high 66's. I was so excited, I can not believe I LOST weight in America!!! So all is well on the front.

Now just to survive the next two weeks. The ballet team from Colorado comes tomorrow and we have them for almost two weeks from there, THEN maybe we get our lives back.

Speaking of being way busy, I gotta go get in bed!

bye bye

Monday, July 03, 2006

It's been a while...

But I have been a good girl!!!!!!

Being in the states is rough as far is food is concerned. It is REALLY hard to eat healthy, especially if you are as busy as we are. But I am doing pretty good, all things considered. I think I may have gained a little weight so far, but not much. In the first week back I lost down to 65! My goal weight! I was able to work out every day and eat right. but after that working out has been sporatic, and eating, not so healthy, although I have refrained from over eating. So I feel like I am doing well.

Having fun, but crazy busy! I'll update more some other time.