Monday, September 25, 2006

Book writing...

At some point several years ago I felt REALLY inspired to write my testimony in a book. I started and didn't get very far. I don't feel like I'm much of a writer, and can't organize the flow in writing, my mind goes to fast for that. when I speak I can get the flow, but writing, I get lost. Anyways, I felt that nudge from the Spirit again this weekend. I need to write it all down and now with our infertility journey and Hana's coming, there is even more to the story. Where does someone start with something like this???? ugh

I guess you just start huh?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

A good week...

It has been a LONG week but a good one. We were all a little busy. Preschool homeschool went pretty well, there were days she loved it and days she couldn't be the least bit interested. That's a two year old for you! But we have been invited to also join the one day a week preschool at one of the kindergartens I teach at. I think it is a great opportunity to get to know the mothers, so I think we are oging to do that too. So four days of English preschool at home and one day at the kindergarten. She ought to be thoroughly entertained. I hope. Dealing with the bordom is the hardest for me.

And I need to get some stuff done. I need to clean and finishing getting this house put together. I just don't feel like doing it when I have some free time. LAZY!

workout and weight are solid and steady, but I am losing a little of control over my eating. I need to be eating more healthy stuff. Not gaining weight, but I should just be eating better. I should cook more. Again, LAZY!

I guess I deserve it a little after the crazy summer, but at some point I gotta get back into the groove. qtbaby needs a lot of work, so does my CyberWize stuff. Gotta get with it. ugh

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Well things are just trucking along here. We did day two of homeschool preschool today and Hana wasn't really interested in it today. BUT I did it first thing in the morning today, she really wanted to be watching videos instead. Yesterday I waited until right before lunch and she did great, so I think I'll let her get some random play time out of her system tomorrow before I start. You never know with this girl, one day she loves something, the next day she won't have anything to do with it???!!!

All else is well, just trucking along here!

I had the skin scraped off the back of my ankle a couple days ago in a little incident with a door, so I haven't been to work out. I'll go tomorrow!

weighing in at 64 kilo these days. Slowly losing a little bit more weight it seems, but I am eating quite a bit. Yummy stuff, but healthy stuff too, so I'm good


Sunday, September 10, 2006

Homeschool preschool

In the mornings Hana has been so bored lately. Imagine that, a summer full of constant activities and surrounded by people all day everyday and now she's bored at home with just Mommy and Daddy! ha! I, of course, have plenty to do but she wants ME to sit and play with her constantly or she wants video's running constantly. I really feel sort of sorry for her. Plus she is showing so much interest in learning these days. She LOVES ABC's and numbers. She loves identifying colors and shapes. I have books and flashcards I use while she is on the potty, and she learns so much there. So I decided to do some preschool acitivites with her in the morning. There is such a wealth of resources for homeschooling on the internet. Most everything I could possibly need is right at my fingertips, I just need to print it out or take the ideas written there and do them. so that's what I'm gonna. I've got my lesson plans done for the next three weeks. But it will all be up to whether she responds well to it or not.

I'm off to bed.

Monday, September 04, 2006

life getting back to normal

We finally have things back to normal around here. I'm trying to get the house back in good shape, back into a routine of cooking, Hana potty trained, and back into my workout routine too. But Rocky's is not currently doing a CD project. He's just attending meetings, and networking, practicing with bands he will be performing with, and spending time with US!!! Mommy and Hana love it! We've been swimming once, and eaten most of our meals together, and Daddy has had some time to get in the floor and play with Hana and she has been loving that. It helps me out a lot too.

Sunday's baptism at our church (check out the ministry blog for that report) was so incredible. My hope and energy for the salvation of many in Japan is renewed. I was reminded through this Sunday that GOD does it all, we are just His humble servants. My resolve to share Christ with people and leave the rest to God has returned. Here recently I have had my days where I wonder why we are putting so much energy into doing what we do, when we often see so little change. But then I realize that we go somewhere do a concert and leave, so there isn't a chance to see the results. Yesterday I got to see the results of many other people's years of sharing the Gospel with Mr. Koga. what a joy it was to see before my eyes the life of someone so changed. Just when I needed to see God at work, He showed me. And I realize now I have been seeing him do so many amazing things, but I was too distracted with busy-ness to really see how amazing it all is. God Rocks!!!

I'm staying steady with my weight and eating. Not really losing but not gaining. I'm working out consistently. Trying to concentrate on getting a little more flexible, so I'm stretching a lot. I really need to loosen up in my hips and lower back area. I am as stiff as a board there. Slow and steady she goes.