Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Well things are just trucking along here. We did day two of homeschool preschool today and Hana wasn't really interested in it today. BUT I did it first thing in the morning today, she really wanted to be watching videos instead. Yesterday I waited until right before lunch and she did great, so I think I'll let her get some random play time out of her system tomorrow before I start. You never know with this girl, one day she loves something, the next day she won't have anything to do with it???!!!

All else is well, just trucking along here!

I had the skin scraped off the back of my ankle a couple days ago in a little incident with a door, so I haven't been to work out. I'll go tomorrow!

weighing in at 64 kilo these days. Slowly losing a little bit more weight it seems, but I am eating quite a bit. Yummy stuff, but healthy stuff too, so I'm good


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