Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sometimes I wonder...

Why do we put off doing certain things?

We've been married for ten years and we never had what I call a tooshy squirter. In Japan they are called a shower toilets. Basically it is a toilet seat that can spray your tooshy after you finish your business. To some people this sounds horrifying. I have to admit when I first heard of it, I was shocked and disgusted. But there is one thing about living in another culture, in broadens your horizons! Try it once, and you will never want to go back again! The first house we lived in already had a tooshy squirter and when we moved out of there we had to leave it behind. I thought for some reason that they are REALLY expensive, like over $1,000. So I always told Rocky that I could live without. Come to find out, they start at around $150 or so. Needless to say, we finally got one recently. And now I am asking myself, WHY did we ever go without!? And this thing is awesome too, it has a sensor that detects when you walk in the room and it warms the seat for you before you sit down! Now that is fast! It also has an etiquette target light for men, so they know where to aim! LOL, that totally cracks me up. It also heats the water as it is being used instead of keeping it hot all the time. It doesn't waste extra energy and it makes life nicer! I like things like that!

The next thing we have gone without for so long, is this...

A nose washer! When we go to the ear nose and throat doctor in Japan, they usually wash out your nose if you have a nasal infection. Again this sounds awful, but it is actually wonderful. It's a saline solution and the water is warm. It doesn't hurt at all, and you can not imagine how wonderful it feels to get all that gunk out. Blowing your nose can't come anywhere near doing what a nasal lavage does! It rocks. I have been too busy this week to get to the ear nose and throat doctor for a sinus infection I have so I broke down and bought one! Heavenly! Too wonderful for words.

My only regret. After buying it at the drug store, I found it online for much cheaper than what I bought it for. Oh well... at least I have the luxury of doing that at home when I need to. It's going to be great for prevention of nose problems too. And I can't wait to see if it helps with allergies too.

I feel so refreshed these days! It's the little things in life sometimes.