Sunday, June 11, 2006

An all day workout...

Whew, I am worn out. I spent the whole day cleaning, washing, packing, cleaning, washing packing, etc. It was a workout, so I didn't do the stepper tonight, but I did do my ab, butt and leg work while watching some TV. Saturday is now gone, we have two concerts tomorrow (or today I should say) and it doesn't help that it is at a church out of town. Why do we always do this to ourselves! We pack our schedule so tight there is no room to breathe... ugh

Praying that Hana handles tomorrow and then being thrown into this long travel to America the very next day OK. She is such a trooper but is so active right now and being on that plane is not going to be easy for her. She will certainly enjoy America once we get there though. The little stinker is going to be the center of attention everywhere we go, as if she isn't used to that already!

I'm off to bed, gotta be driving away from the house by 8am tomorrow. wowza

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Friday has come and gone...

This week is just flying by, we are going to be on a plane before I know it. Oh, I do hope the travel time flies by as quickly as these days are. I went to the 100 yen store today and bought Hana some new "toys" and they are staying hidden until we get on the plane. I hope they keep her at least a little occupied.

workout today...
35 minutes on gym stepper
arms, abs, back, stretching
weight :( 66.4 I didn't get into the 65's. I don't think I will make it to the gym again before we leave so, I guess I can't say I made it to me goal of 65. ugh

Now I have to be strong and not regain anything while in America. Be strong, be strong, be strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

off to bed, tomorrow is packing day and Sunday we have two concerts. We leave Monday morning. WOW

Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's already Thursday!

Oh my time is flying by. We leave for the states in just 5 days! I have so much to do in those 5 days, and it still doesn't seem real that we will be going so soon.

at the gym yesterday I weighed 66.1!!!!!!!!! Just a bit more and I will be in the 65's. I think I can do it before we leave! I will have time to go today and tomorrow, and then probably will have to work out at home on Sat. and Sun. so I need to see that 65 on the scales by Friday cause we don't have a scale at home still. How exciting! It is the first time I have ever lost a significant amount of weight in my life and it feels GREAT! 6 kilo or about 13 pounds! WOW! I've probably lost more, I didn't have any scales at home when I was at my heaviest. anyways, now the biggest goal is to maintain or even dare I say continue to lose while we are in the states. Then once we get back my goal is to make it to 62 kilo and stay there! For a height of 5'9" or 172 cm, I think that is pretty good healthy normal weight. Enough "meat on my bones" to keep my hubby happy, but thin enough for me to feel healthy and happy! It feels strange to be on the brink of switching modes from losing to maintaining. It will be tricky to find the balance of how much of what I can eat to stay the same here. another fun challenge!

Well, Rocky is almost done with Ai's CD too. It is sounding great.

We have English at the kindergarten this morning so I better go!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

time flies!

I guess I missed posting yesterday and didn't even realize it. We had a house full of people, an Afureru! meeting. I went to work out anyways while they met. They were planning the Afureru that Rocky and I will miss because we will be in the states, so I didn't have to be in on the meeting. So I did workout yesterday. I felt really blah through my workout though, can't figure out why. And I am also very unhappy to report that the scale showed I gained .5 kilo since Saturday. I have no idea why????????? AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Anyways, life goes on.

Today I worked out at home. Still felt really sluggish and not sure why. We have to leave before 7am tomorrow morning so I am off to bed.

Will life ever slow down? (I say this, and then when it does slow down I am so bored I beg for busy-ness again!)

Monday, June 05, 2006

a great Sunday!

1 hour on home stepper, 650 cal.

breakfast: CyberWize shake
lunch: curry and rice
snack: a few crackers, glass of milk
dinner: stir fried veggies, salad, a little bit of rice
afterworkout snack (I was soooooo hungry): a few little wafers, glass of OJ

It was a great Sunday, got to take a nap with my sweety this afternoon! that's a rare thing these days.

Gotta get up early tomorrow, so I am off to bed. Just one week before we leave for the states!!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006


I made it to the gym this afternoon while Hana was napping and Daddy was on duty. I'm so excited, I couldn't believe it... I weighed 66.3 kilo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna make it to 65.something by the time we leave. I'm gonna make it! Yiiiiihaw!!!

workout: 35 min on stepper (upped the level today), get this 400 calories burned!!! wahoo!!!!

breakfast; toast and milk
lunch; large salad, veggie soup, half a tortilla
snack, cheese crackers, milk
dinner; mushroom & green onions rolled in pork, steamed green veggies, cabbage with dressing

I ate a pretty big evening meal, I was soooooooooooo hungry.

Nothing else too exciting today. I'm outta here

no time to workout today...

I didn't get a chance to work out today, but I did great with eating so I feel OK. I even went to our church's cafe tonight and did NOT have a piece of cheese cake! YEA for me!!!

So that is about all for today because it already after midnight, we just got home about an hour ago, I gotta go to bed!

Friday, June 02, 2006

busy but awesome day...

this is what my day looked like...

6:30 a.m. get up and get ready
7:30 a.m. leave with Hana to have breakfast with Rae
8-9 TRY to have accountability time with Rae (mostly try to concentrate on conversing with Rae while keeping Hana under control!)
9-9:30 drive across town
9:30-10:30 Bible Study with Mothers at one Christian kindergarten
10:30-10:45 Hang out with the mothers
10:45-11:15 rush further across town to practive some songs with Rocky and Shinya for the chapel we will do together next week
11:15-12:30 practice
12:30-1:00 go back across town to meet a friend for lunch
1:00-2:00 eat with friend (again try to converse while controling and feeding Hana)
2:00 take Hana home for a nap
2-5:30 Hana SLEEPS!!! (YEA, Mommy gets to relax)
5:30-6:30 play with Hana
6:30-7:00 cook dinner
7:00-8:00 feed and bathe Hana
8:00 Hana to bed, talk with Daddy while he eats (he just got home)
9:00 relax a little
10:00-11:30 work out
11:30 bath

now I am doing my own thing, and it is almost 1am, what a day! Craziness, why did I write all that down, I have no idea, maybe to remember someday how hectic life used to be, when I am retired and have forgotten what busy means (yea right like that will ever happen!)

workout today:
55 minutes on home stepper, 4000 steps, 560 calories
abs, legs, stretch

breakfast: spinach bake, toast, yogurt
lunch: small chicken rice dish, salad
snack: a few strawberries with Hana
dinner: scrambled egg with fresh tomato (mmmm yummy! the tomato gets really tart when heated quickly at the end of the scramble!!!), boiled spinach, carrot salad, a little bit of rice

I had an AWESOME Bible study with the ladies at the kindergarten today. My first time to go without Rocky, he couldn't be there. It was neat, I was able to teach a quick lesson in Japan, and then allowed the ladies to ask any questions they wanted to. They had some great questions about Jesus, his disciples, basics about the Bible like what is the Old and New Testament, etc. We also talked about Hana's adoption and infertility, the miracle of babies. It was such a neat time with those ladies. I often feel my Japanese is inadequate for a Bible study but one of the ladies asked a difficult question about why Judas was a disciple of Jesus if He was going to betray him and have him killed. After I explained some things to her, she exlaimed "OH that makes so much sense, I understand now!" I was so honored to hear that comment. I guess in some ways my very SIMPLE Japanese makes it easier to understand these sometimes difficult and deep issues. I was so excited that God spoke through me today in a way she could understand! Thank you Jesus!!! I only get to meet with this group of ladies about 3 or 4 times a YEAR, so I pray they all come back and we can cover some meaningful information in the short times we will have together!

Off to bed, it is after 1am