Sunday, June 11, 2006

An all day workout...

Whew, I am worn out. I spent the whole day cleaning, washing, packing, cleaning, washing packing, etc. It was a workout, so I didn't do the stepper tonight, but I did do my ab, butt and leg work while watching some TV. Saturday is now gone, we have two concerts tomorrow (or today I should say) and it doesn't help that it is at a church out of town. Why do we always do this to ourselves! We pack our schedule so tight there is no room to breathe... ugh

Praying that Hana handles tomorrow and then being thrown into this long travel to America the very next day OK. She is such a trooper but is so active right now and being on that plane is not going to be easy for her. She will certainly enjoy America once we get there though. The little stinker is going to be the center of attention everywhere we go, as if she isn't used to that already!

I'm off to bed, gotta be driving away from the house by 8am tomorrow. wowza

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