Sunday, April 04, 2010

Going "home"...

In just a little over 5 days we will board a plane and head to my "home" in the States. It has been two years since we were back. I believe that is the longest I've ever gone without returning home for a visit. It's crazy how much I miss it, and yet I know I will miss Japan so much while we are gone too.

I am determined this week to do many things before we leave...

Eat many of my favorite foods. Mom is making me Koroke (friend potato thingys, I know no other way to describe them) on Tuesday night. I plan to eat at a bakery at least once if not twice or more this week before we leave. Oh how I LOVE Japanese bakeries. WHY o why don't we have breads like that in the states, or at least in Texas. Those are just a few of the things I plan to consume before we head out.

I will take an ofuro (bath) as many times as possible before we leave. Oh how I will miss the deep warm water kept at just the perfect temperature with recirculated, reheating throughout your bath time. I will miss the really clean feeling of washing off OUTSIDE the tub and then soaking in the warm water, clean water. I will miss it!

I will buy some Japanese food to take with us. I have never taken food back to the states, but I am so afraid our son will starve to death in the states. I have tried making American meals often lately to get our kiddos used to it and he will NOT eat anything American. we also were recently near an American military base and ministering at an American church and he starved the whole time we were there because he wouldn't eat most of what we were served. He survived on any white rice I could get my hands on and his formula milk.

and I hope to enjoy lots of time with friends this week because we are really really going to miss everyone while we are gone.

Things I will do in America...

Buy clothes, buy shoes and buy make-up! All things I can't really do here in Japan. The sizes and colors and styles just don't match "me"!

Eat lots of steak and Mexican food!

Spend lots of time with friends and family!

Drink a Dr. Pepper (or two).

It is odd feeling so torn between two countries. I know we will have a blast in America.

Hana summed up my feelings with something she said in the car earlier today. We were leaving church and Hana said, "Mommy, I will miss Mia when we go to America. But, NO, really I miss Bam and Gagas(her grandparents in America)!" It was as if she was correcting herself realizing, she will miss her best friend for just a few weeks, but she misses her grandparents ALL THE TIME.