Tuesday, June 06, 2006

time flies!

I guess I missed posting yesterday and didn't even realize it. We had a house full of people, an Afureru! meeting. I went to work out anyways while they met. They were planning the Afureru that Rocky and I will miss because we will be in the states, so I didn't have to be in on the meeting. So I did workout yesterday. I felt really blah through my workout though, can't figure out why. And I am also very unhappy to report that the scale showed I gained .5 kilo since Saturday. I have no idea why????????? AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Anyways, life goes on.

Today I worked out at home. Still felt really sluggish and not sure why. We have to leave before 7am tomorrow morning so I am off to bed.

Will life ever slow down? (I say this, and then when it does slow down I am so bored I beg for busy-ness again!)

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