Saturday, September 16, 2006

A good week...

It has been a LONG week but a good one. We were all a little busy. Preschool homeschool went pretty well, there were days she loved it and days she couldn't be the least bit interested. That's a two year old for you! But we have been invited to also join the one day a week preschool at one of the kindergartens I teach at. I think it is a great opportunity to get to know the mothers, so I think we are oging to do that too. So four days of English preschool at home and one day at the kindergarten. She ought to be thoroughly entertained. I hope. Dealing with the bordom is the hardest for me.

And I need to get some stuff done. I need to clean and finishing getting this house put together. I just don't feel like doing it when I have some free time. LAZY!

workout and weight are solid and steady, but I am losing a little of control over my eating. I need to be eating more healthy stuff. Not gaining weight, but I should just be eating better. I should cook more. Again, LAZY!

I guess I deserve it a little after the crazy summer, but at some point I gotta get back into the groove. qtbaby needs a lot of work, so does my CyberWize stuff. Gotta get with it. ugh

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