Sunday, September 10, 2006

Homeschool preschool

In the mornings Hana has been so bored lately. Imagine that, a summer full of constant activities and surrounded by people all day everyday and now she's bored at home with just Mommy and Daddy! ha! I, of course, have plenty to do but she wants ME to sit and play with her constantly or she wants video's running constantly. I really feel sort of sorry for her. Plus she is showing so much interest in learning these days. She LOVES ABC's and numbers. She loves identifying colors and shapes. I have books and flashcards I use while she is on the potty, and she learns so much there. So I decided to do some preschool acitivites with her in the morning. There is such a wealth of resources for homeschooling on the internet. Most everything I could possibly need is right at my fingertips, I just need to print it out or take the ideas written there and do them. so that's what I'm gonna. I've got my lesson plans done for the next three weeks. But it will all be up to whether she responds well to it or not.

I'm off to bed.

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