Tuesday, April 10, 2007

One more blog today...

Don't miss the earlier blog entry about our great day trip but I had to blog again about something more exciting! God is providing for us in amazing ways again! He's made a way for us to get our kitchen remodeled, when we thought it was going to be several years before we could get this done! Praise praise praise! Because truely, my gas stove was so old and falling apart I was concerned about safety, and the Lord is providing for us to get all new cabinets and a new stove! In about two weeks I won't have to use a lighter to light my burners anymore, the handle won't pop off of my faucet every time I use it anymore, and I won't have to kick anymore cabinet doors to get them to shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is what our kitchen looks like now...

and here is what it is going to look like very soon (except without the dishwasher in the middle, and the sink and stove will be reversed)

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself!!!!!!!!!!!!! No more 70's puckey green! AND the lower cabinets are drawers! This new cabinet system is so popular in Japan because it is so much easier to store things down low in drawers, and I never dreamed I get to have all new cabinets with the drawer system, THIS SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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