Friday, July 13, 2007

A typhoon'z a comin'

figuratively and literally!

Typhoon season is upon us, and we have a whopper headed our way! Right now it is huge, and should hit our area sometime tomorrow. Fortunately it probably won't interfere with any of our schedule and we should be able to sit it out here in the comfort of our little home!

The other "typhoon" headed our way is our schedule. OH MY GOODNESS (as Hana would say) why do we do this to ourselves? I ask myself that every summer and then every fall/Christmas. We just pack our schedule too tight, but there are to many good things to pass up! And we always survive.

So anyways, we have the ballet team in town this coming week (they arrived in Fukuoka last night and we had the honor of having them in our house for the night unexpectedly! that's a cool long story maybe I can blog about some other time). Next week they have concerts, purity seminars, special dinners, and more all around our area. We LOVE LOVE LOVE this group and always look forward to ministering with them. Next week is going to be awesome but busy!

Then we have Bible camp! This will be our third year to do this Bible camp too and we always enjoy it. It almost seems like a little vacation for us but at the same time we enjoy the chance to minister to the students up close, whom we often only get to see from on stage at short chapel services every other month or so.

Then we have a friend's wedding to go to. We'll be visiting some family members and friends too! I'm really looking forward to this.

AND then our great great friends from Oregon are coming to visit. Then Rocky's brother and family are coming to visit. Then we go on a road trip doing concerts on our way up to a missions conference where we'll lead worship. Then we'll do concerts on our way back too!!!

Gosh I feel tired just typing all that out. Here's hoping I can keep a few articles of clothing laundered in the midst of all that. Maybe Hana can get a nap now and then! and MAYBE somewhere in there we'll find a chance to catch our breath, for a least a second??? Hopefully we WON'T find the time to eat too much! LOL

Of course this also means my visits to the gym are going to be few and far between. UGH

but lots of fun stuff to look forward to! I'll check in as often as I can. Keep an eye on the ministry blog for specific prayer requests and updates too (I hope)!

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pinkyhana said...

Marla~ long time no see!
I just visited your blogs ^^
Hana is so grown up now! She is so adorable!! I hope I will get to actually see her some time :)
May God continue to bless you and your husband in your ministry!
Hannah Chung