Friday, March 06, 2009

The Mommy of two...

I have soooooooooooo much respect for Mommy's of more than one child. I don't know how they get it all done. I have a friend who has four girls, each of them like less than 2 years apart, and she amazes me. She sent me a gift with a homemade card in it. I have only two and I'd be hard pressed to find time to pick out a gift for someone, much less package and address it AND make the card for it. How do they do it?!

Our newest little miracle turns 2 months old in just a few days. I'm sure that is one of the reasons I can't seem to get much done. But oh what fun it is to be the Mommy of a newborn. I LOVE it! He's a good baby too. Started sleeping through the night this week. From about 9 or so, to about 6 am. Hooray! Now if I could just get my toosh in bed earlier, I could enjoy all those hours of sleep too. Gotta work on that. I married a night owl, and it's somehow contageous or something.

I finally cleaned a little bit this week too! It's been all I can do for the past 7 weeks to keep the kitchen clean and laundry done (and that is with Rocky washing and/or putting away the dishes FOR me most of the time). But I keep telling myself that this stage passes soooooooooooooooo quickly, the house can wait and it WILL wait! Have I mentioned how much I love taking care of newborns!?

So that means also the fitness area is totally non-existent for the moment. YEP, I haven't worked out in like exactly two months! I did a Billy's Taebo video like the second night Tiffany was here in early January and that was it! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I WANT to work out so bed. I look at my gym shoes on the shelf with longing everyday. My big plan is once littlest muchkin makes this sleeping through the night thing REALLY consistent, then I'm gonna try to get up in the morning and do something. TRY being the operative word there. I am so physically tired by the end of the day. But DO NOT want to get out of bed each morning, so it is going to be a challenge. We'll see what I can do. And I REALLY want to cleanse again, but that won't be happening while I am nursing so oh well. But the good news is, NO weight gain. This nursing thing ROCKS! I can eat and eat and eat and don't gain at all. But I am also quite aware that this might catch up to me, so I have got to get with it again with some excercise! Besides I miss it so much. It was my ME time, and I need it! So I am praying I can find the dicsipline to get going again before he turns 2.

Well I am really procrastinating right now, which is something I have to cut out if I'm gonna get discplined again so I'm signing off. Gotta go sterilize tubes and make milk and fill bags so I can keep up this nursing thing!


Kim said...

I was wondering if you were nursing this time! I'm so glad it is working for you guys! I too can not imagine how moms with more than one do it (life) while the kiddos are little! Jun was not a good sleeper, so memories of sleep deprivation are a bit stronger than the warm fuzzies of newborness, unfortunately!

Houdini said...

Glad to see you are really enjoying the first few months! I don't think I even remember them...
Have you tried exercising while wearing the little guy? There is Moby wrap yoga that I've seen some mothers try. Personally, I found hula to work well. The slow, flowing movements may look easy but with the added baby weight you can really get a good workout.
Hope he keeps sleeping so you can find some mommy time!

Melody said...

From a mommy of two to soon-to-be gets better with time. The newborn days are so busy! Now that #2 is 13 months old, there's more time for "extra" things. And really, you just get used to it and you adjust.

Hang in there - it gets easier!