Friday, February 07, 2014

Where do you start...

When you've left off for almost 3 years, where do you start?  I'm not sure where, so I'll just dive in.

Lately I have been taking Experiencing God and using it as a guide to write Bible study for our kids in this church plant.  EG was a Bible study I went through about 18 years ago as a college student.  I have mostly forgotten its content, I just remember it was very eye opening to me.  It had a great impact on my faith.  Going back through it in detail has been so amazing.  I never realized many of the foundational things I believe about the Bible are things I learned in this study.  The main thing, is that this study teaches how God is at work and He asks us to join Him in that!

Why does God choose us to work with?  I'll never cease to be amazed by that.  I watch over and over again how the Israelites let God down and wonder why He never gave up on man.  In homeschool we are going through the Old Testament.  Humans are SO wishy washy, especially when it comes to following and pleasing God.  The Hebrews would follow Him when it benefited them, or when they feared Him too much to disobey, but they would soon forget and go their own way.

I pray we can continue to stay close to The Lord and see how He is at work around us.  I LOVE joining Him in what He is doing.  It is addictive.  Thoroughly mezemerizing.  I love being called to work with Him.  LOVE IT!!!!

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