Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Why I think Trump won...

Trump won because Americans know that this culture isn't working.  American's know that the legal and social system we have set up in our country just isn't working.  We've known it for a while.  And in every election people are looking for drastic change.  It has flip flopped back and forth every election recently; George Bush , Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama.  Every few years we give up on giving the person who'll bring change a chance and want the opposite of what we've had.  But we won't find what we are looking for in this next leader either.  We will not find the one who can fix all the problems.  We'll just find another side of the same coin.

The problem is, we will not find salvation in our government.  We will not find it in our states.  We will not find it in the judicial system.  We will not find it in our police, our hospitals and doctors, or our schools.  We will only find salvation when we search for God.  And we will only find change when we invite true change into our own hearts through a relationship with the Living God.

The poor will only get fed when, we, the people in their community care as much about them as we do ourselves.  The homeless will only find homes when hearts towards them are changed in their immediate surroundings and the people whom they live among step up to provide not only for their physical needs but for their mental and spiritual as well.  The LEGAL immigrant will only find a new home, when we welcome them in as fellow image bearer's of the Creator, and strive to treat them as guests who deserve a chance and not burdens and outsiders.  The overburdened medical system and cost of healthcare will only begin to find balance when we find spiritual balance and stop feeding our empty hearts with empty calories and quick fix drugs, and instead care for the temple we've been given to live in, our own bodies.  And the not yet educated and lower income families will only find adequate education and affordable housing and food when we start helping them to find grace and peace in an educational and labor system that is run by people who's calling and mission is to take these people under their wing and nurture them to a better life out of pure love and devotion to the One who created them.

And where will these people who care as much about other's as themselves come from?  Where can you find someone who will extend grace in the classroom and the workplace to someone who is not at as much of an advantage as others?  Where will we find people who do not reach for comfort and relief from food and drugs but instead are content and healthy both spiritually and physically?  Where will we find these people who are not afraid to welcome a "foreigner" into their midst but instead will spread out the welcome mat as if they are special guests?

You will only find this in people who imitate the love and mercy and grace that was demonstrated for us in the person of Jesus Christ.  If there was any person who made an impact during a time when the system was "broken" it was Him.  And did He come to run for office, or change the laws?  To create more programs for the poor and needy, and legislate the solutions?  No, He came and He served.  He showed us how to fix the problem, by serving our fellow man and not seeking anything for personal gain.

And we will only find the strength and desire to serve our fellow man and live selfless lives as He did, if we invite him into our lives and give Him full reign.

So the reason I think Trump won?  Once again we know the system isn't working and we need change.  But the change we really need we will not find in the White House or on Capitol Hill.  We will only find it in our hearts through the One who will wash us white as snow, and set up reign as the governor of our hearts!  The change you are looking for America, can only be found IN you.  And the person you need to choose to bring that change is your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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