Monday, August 07, 2006

Slowly getting back to normal...

Well, things are slowly returning to normal around here. The CMA girls are gone and we rested a little this weekend. Today Robynn and I painted the entryway! FINALLY!!!!!!!! My entryway is painted! It looks awesome. The walls are a dark beige color and we painted the trip glossy white. I should have taken a before picture, so I could show the difference. It looks sooooooooo good! We get to decorate tomorrow! There is a little bit of trim left to paint but it shouldn't take long. Robynn and I working together we did awesome. I am also tearing up the lenolium on the stairs. NOT easy to do. I bought a spray that helps unstick things, and it took one whole can of spray to do just two steps. We have 13 steps! It also took me about two hours to do those two steps. I will go back tomorrow and ask for something better to get the glue to let loose. This is so fun!!!!!!!

Well that is about all the excitement around here. Just praying the Robynn and I can stay motivated to paint, I feel like I am getting on a role here, I hope I can keep it up.

We are planning to ask for baby #2 soon. It seems the last time I got my house together, Hana came soon after. I wonder if I am suddenly motivated to get this all done cause a new baby will be here soon??? hmmmmmmmmmmm

Working out and eating right are going awesome. I didn't get to work out a lot since we got back, but I went once (Friday) and it felt great. I was too tired today after painting all day and tomorrow they are closed, but I will go back on Wednesday. I'm still doing well eating right, and I am down to 64 kilo (140 pounds) that's down one more kilo!!!!!! I just need to find the balance now. Eating right and working out. I don't really NEED to lose more weight.

We got some new scales and I love them. It does a body scan and tells me body fat percentage, muscle mass, etc. It is really cool all the info that comes off it. I score totally within normal range on everything. But my estimated body age is 33 (I'm 31) so I hope to bring that down with time! It's just the coolest scale, I wish I'd had it since earlier this year before I started working out. It would be cool to see how much all that info has changed.

Ok, I'm off to watch 24, yea! A night of relaxation!

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