Saturday, November 18, 2006

Counting and testing!

No we aren't taking any exams around our place these days, Hana is the one doing the testing, she is testing Mommy and Daddy's patience! I don't know what has gotten into her the last couple of days but she is determined to disobey us. UGHHHH! I'm getting so tired of getting onto her. I hope this is a short little phase or something, cause not only does it leave my patience frazzled, but it leaves her really insecure because she HATES for Mommy to be upset with her. She seems to do even MORE bad stuff to get my attention, cause I'm so frustrated I am trying to take a break from her but she wants to see if I am still mad at her. It is a vicious cycle!

But when she isn't being a little pill and we are having fun, she is blowing me away with her abilities. This little girl is COUNTING! She gets it right a lot of the time too. I did not know that a two year old can actually count objects. I know that can often say 1-10 if they've been taught, but to actually answer correctly when asked "how many _________ are there?" well it is amazing me. Even when we aren't asking her, she counts things. Today she was drawing and she took all her pencil out of her cup and counted them as she put them back in! The funny thing is that after 6 she often gets it wrong. she counts like this, "1,2,3,4,5,6,9..." Nine often comes after 6 unless we are helping her count!? Not sure why.

She is also counting backwards because we count the floors on elevators when we go down, so smart!

She is really picking up a lot of English words and using them, I am feeling better and better about her being bilingual all the time.

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