Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sweet moments with my little girl...

Tonight Hana had a really hard time going to sleep. Her nap was late today AND she slept long, so she wasn't really ready for bed when we put her down. She was SUCH a good girl, not making any fuss, but after about an hour of talking to herself and rolling around a lot she called for Daddy, he went to tend to her, took her potty and put her back down. A good 45 minutes or more later, after talking to herself, clapping and singing songs to herself to stay entertained, she called out some more. So I went to check on her. I took her to the bathroom again, although she really didn't need to go. I put on my fleece jacket to go upstairs because it is pretty cold up there. She LOVES for me to wrap her up inside my fleece jackets, so instead of putting her right back to bed, I wrapped her up, grabbed blankie and we cuddled and rocked in the rocking chair. What a sweet memorable moment. We talked and talked. Today in preschool we did the creation story so we went back over the things that God made. By the way, God made lions and dogs and bears but he did NOT make giraffes (according to Hana). ;) All the while she kept reminding me she didn't want to go to bed, "Mommy, night night all done!" she would say between each day of creation. I would assure her that Mommy would rock her for a little longer, and we'd cover another day of creation. After we talked about how God made boys and girls, and that includes precious little girls like Hana, she decided it was time to go night night. But not without another night night kiss from Daddy, who I promised to send upstairs for a kiss after I tucked her in. I put her down and had Daddy go give her some kisses and we never heard a peep out of her again (finally more than two hours after bedtime). What a special, precious little Angel!!!!!!! Makes my Mommy heart melt!

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