Monday, October 29, 2007

Busy as always in the fall...

So it is just the busiest season of the year around here so that is why I haven't posted on my own blog lately.

This is just totally random but I mostly blog for my own sake and I gotta write about this. EVERY night at around 10:30pm the guy next door has a sneezing fit. He's sneezing his head of right now! It totally cracks me up, you can almost set your clock by it. And he sneezes SO loud! I wonder why he sneezes at the same time every night.

So we had dinner with our missionary friends tonight and we took them to our favorite Bolivian restaurant, La Paz! oh it was sooooooooooo yummy! They ended up brining one extra taco to our table and I'm not sure why but I ATE it! It was yummy. But my FAVORITE thing on the menu there, and probably my favorite thing in the whole world is their cheese empanada! I seriously grieve every time I am getting to the last bite. These are the yummiest things you have EVER had! I can't wait to go back.

So anyway, it has been a busy month, and therefor working out has been random. I have only been able to go about twice a week all month. And SO, my one kilo that I finally lost is creeping back on. With that said however, I bought jeans last weak and they were two sizes smaller than the last time I bought! So that rocks, and I am VERY pleased exactly where I am.

Two of my good friends have gotten videos that are popular in Japan right now called Billy's Boot Camp. It is a really intense work out. I've seen the info-mercials on tv and really wanted to order the DVD set, but they are expensive and our DVD player only plays region one DVD's. But anyways, my two friends and I are planning on getting together one night this week and doing the workout together. It should be fun. I am curious to see if I can make it through one workout. It is REALLY intense from what I hear. I wish I had the DVD set.

Well, other than that, it is just concerts and more concerts. And more and more of that over the next couple of months. To think that by this time December we'll be done with this crazy season! ahhhh, I look forward to some R&R and some fun with my little family!

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