Wednesday, October 03, 2007


that is what my scales have said for THREE morning in a row. 61.ZERO

WOW! I am one little bitsy, teeny weensy kilo away from my goal of 60 kilo. I thought I was never gonna make it. I'm almost there. I'm thinking of having a 60 kilo party when I get there! the BIG 6 0 ! Can I be proud of myself? (I hope so, cause I am)

So anyways, today on my way home from taking Hana to preschool I saw one of my gym buddies out on the street hanging out store signs in front of a noodle shop I pass almost daily. So I hollared at him and we talked a minute. Turns out that is his shop. I've passed that shop a hundred or more times in the last year and half since I joined the gym, and never saw him there. Never even noticed there was a noodle shop there. I guess Rocky and I have a new noodle shop to go check out. This is one of the guys I have been building a friendship with in little three to four minute conversations between machines at the gym. He seems like a REALLY nice guy. I hope we can get to know him better. He was going to come to our concert last Saturday night but didn't know what time it started and I had been unable to get a flyer to him. If I'd known this was his shop, I could have taken it by there. Ugh, the timing of these things.

SOOOOOOOOO much going on here right now. We are having a charity concert for the organization that brought Hana to us this month. I have to get the program ready. It has snuck up on me without me realizing it. Poor Sugarpie also has so many projects going at once. I have to give him credit though, he has REALLY learned to juggle it all.

well that is all my random ramblings for the evening. I need to get in bed. Tomorrow IS another day!

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