Sunday, September 30, 2007

Just an update...

My best and biggest news, I am ONE kilo away from my goal!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!! I thought I would be stuck at 62 kilo for forever, but I finally got over that hump. I have been weighing right at 61 kilo all this week. I hope to see that SIX ZERO at some point in the next week or two!!!!! When that number pops up on the scale, I may very well dance myself a nice little jig! I finally did it.

It could be the fact that there is something in the air right now that has my allergies so worked up, I can't smell, I'm sneezing constantly and I feel horrible. I've been having one constant major hay fever attach for a couple weeks now (except the days we were in Guam). I had been almost totally allergy free for the past two years since I started taking supplements, but man, SOMETHING is really getting me right now. I hope whatever it is, quites blooming or dies or goes away really soon. ugh!

So since I can't smell or taste anything, maybe that is why I finally lost the next kilo, I don't really care what I'm eating, it all tastes the same!

BUT the good news is, my health is SO improved over before. These supplements have made all the difference in my life, not just is losing weight, but in my overall health (which is why I've been able to lose the weight!). My respiratory system used to be so weak that 2 weeks of allergies would leave me REALLY sick, with a respiratory infection, asthma, the whole works. But I have had NO asthma at all, and the allergy issues have stayed in my nose. Usually the trouble would creap down into my throat and chest quickly. Not anymore! Praise God for HEALTH! I have never been this strong in my whole life, even when I was a teenager and did sports daily. I love it!

Nothing else really that exciting right now for us. Just the basic fall stuff. Weather is finally cooling off I think. Concerts are picking up. And we continue to do our thing!

Love to all!!!

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