Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Random stuff...

Well, we have settled back into a routine around here! I have the house fairly clean, I am totally caught up on laundry, and I've been getting some work done on the computer while Hana is at preschool.

We had a fun little Mommy daughter evening tonight. Daddy went to play with a group that does street evangelism every Tuesday, so we had the evening to ourselves, just us girls. It was fun. We had an early dinner of "noonles" as Hana requested. She ate and ate and ate, and even ate Mommy's left overs! Then she chowed on some leftover cucumbers until they were all gone. and she chattered about her day all the while. Evidently there is a boy in her class today, I think it was Taiga-kun she was talking about (I forget cause she names off so many people all the time), anyways, he was crying during nap time. He didn't want to lay down. I asked her if that kept her awake, because she was very sleepy this afternoon so I wondered if her nap had been short today. She said, "No, I already sleeped! I did it at school. Taiga-kun cry cry anyways." I think she was meaning always? I am not sure, but evidently she did sleep!

After dinner we had a fun time in the bath. We caught all the fish, several times. Then we located alphabet letters in English and Japanese. I found a neat way to get her interested in the Japanese alphabet. I make noises as I am drawing the characters, and she just thought that was wonderful. After the bath tonight, she could identify "a" "i" and "wa" and maybe "mu". We'll have to see how well she retains those. She just thought that the noises I make while I trace the character "mu" were hilarious!!!

Then we cuddled on the couch for about 30 minutes before I took her up to bed. It was a fun evening.

so Tuesday is the day the gym is closed, so I didn't workout today. But yesterday I did and it was awesome! I did only 35 minutes on the elliptical but burned over 500. when I first got back from our trip last week I was having a hard time getting up to 400. I pushed myself hard yesterday. And I did total body weights too.

OK, so EVERYBODY is commenting that I lost more weight, and I haven't. I have quite a few people saying that I especially lost weight in my face. The scales have not budged in months. Not since January really. So I am wondering, am I continuing to lose fat and replacing it with muscle. but I'd think I would be able to tell the difference in how my clothes fit, and nothing changing there either. Especially since workouts were so random through the summer, I wouldn't think that would be the case. It is a mystery to me???

Anyways, I am still coutning the days till we go to Guam. I can NOT wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh something random, I think I deleted a message off our answering machine tonight by mistake. When we were having our serious bath session (NOT) the phone rang a couple times. No way I was going to try to come answer it, and leave little munchkin in the tub alone. But we have a new phone and I don't know how to work it, so while trying to listen to the message, I deleted it accidentally! If you called and left us a message tonight, call again! LOL

OK, I am off to bed, preaching at chapel in the morning...

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