Thursday, September 06, 2007

Blogging makes a liar out of me...

OK, so in my last post I said the scales haven't moved since January. Well that was sort of A LIE because I did say that when we came back from our summer trip, I had gained about a kilo (but not quite). So I take that back. The scale moved a little bit...

So that kilo, GONE! And a little more actually seemed to have just melted away. I mean it just like fell off in 24 hours or something. Two days ago I was weighing the same and now it is just gone. And I can tell it isn't just like water weight or something, I slimmed down a little. I wonder if this could be the big break to get off this plateau and get the last couple kilo off to meet my all time goal? Which if that never happens, no big deal, but if it did, that'd be cool

I'm trying to figure out what is causing the sudden loss because it is NOT my eating habits. I am not being that careful about sweets. I'm doing fine with portion sizes, but am allowing myself a little more carbs than normal. So who knows? The only thing I can figure out is I added lifting weights on my legs for the last 3 or 4 workouts. Maybe building that muscle is burning more calories? But I heard that one pound gained = 3500 EXTRA calories consumed which means one pound loss means a deficit of 3500 calories, I don't think I'm burning that much extra? ?????

So I was chatting with one of my buddies at the gym tonight and he asked where I'd been lately and I told him. He asked if I gained any and I said yea, and how it just fell off all the sudden. He says the same thing happens to him when he travls, EVEN when he is more physically active while away. His theory, you eat more sweets and salty foods and therefor drink more liquids too when you are not in your normal daily routine. And all that salt makes you retain a good deal of water, plus you do gain a little fat from all the sweets and eating when you aren't hungry, etc. But that is easy to get off, especially the water weight, when you return to your normal routine. hmmmmm, wonder if he is correct? I have no idea, MAYBE it is this...

new fat is easier to get rid of than old fat!?

So anyways, I worked out Monday and was gonna go yesterday but I had like a freak fever yesterday. My allergies have been bothering me a little and that could have been the cause I guess because today I'm fine. But yesterday I felt horrible and slept almost all day. So I didn't go the gym. But I made it tonight and I tore it up on the elliptical. beat my last workout, last time was 500 cal in 35 min, today 510!!! Hey it ain't a lot, but I was pushing myself HARD and it was extra hot in there today for some reason (except the locker room was freezing).

So one of my other buddies asked my why I didn't come yesterday and I told him about the weird fever. He said I had, saboritai-byouki! I'd never heard of that before and I was acting all serious, like what is this disease, is it like a 24 hour flu? And he proceeds to explain that basically it is playing hookey, like a kid when he doesn't want to go to school. I smacked him the arm! Silly guy! A thermometer don't lie MAN!

Anyways, it is so fun to hang out with my buds at the gym. Tonight our local pro-baseball team was on the tube and I just happened to be doing my floor excercises and ending with a stretch when they were in the 7th inning, down by three. We all watched as they scored 5 runs in that one inning and the score became 8 to 6. I had to hit the shower though and didn't see if they won in the end. Gotta go check that. It was fun to watch that string of 5 runs, we were all clapping and hollaring (not something you see often in public in Japan) but there at the gym I guess we are all like a little family. We had people running across the gym to see what we were all so excited about! Ok, so I am easily entertained, but it was fun to watch a little baseball with my gym buds!

Anyways, tomorrow is a long day so I better go to bed. We just finished two days in a row of early morning chapels which has me up an hour earlier than normal, and today I also had to teach kindergarten English twice after chapel. Tomorrow morning I have another kidergarten English class. YAWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

good night all...

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