Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blogging slump...

Ever been there!? It's been tough to get on here and do an update.

It's like one things leads to another and before you know it, it's just more than you even want to think about.

A couple months ago my laptop computer started to give us trouble. We thought we fixed it, but issues kept creeping up again and again. So much so that at times I didn't even want to turn my computer on not knowing when it might choose to make my day a living nightmare! So frustrating. Never had this kind of trouble before with a computer. Every man made machine has it's flaws, I know. I don't really need a seperate computer from Rocky all the time anyways, so it works out well. To eliminate more time consuming stress, we are just going to share a computer again. We did until about two years ago and it was always fine. So that problem is solved.

But in the meantime, I got so far behind on blogging, it just seemed like too much to try to catch up. At this point it is beyond hope of REALLY catching up, so I am just going to start over again.

Not a whole lot on the personal front to report. We won a Wii and Wii Fit a couple weeks ago. LOVE that little machine and could easily get addicted. Wii Fit is so fun! But at the same time my cousin is here to stay for a while and we joined the gym for the duration of her stay! I am enjoying being back in the gym again. It's just a much more intense workout on their machines, and I love lifting weights. Wish I had my own home gym! A woman can dream can't see.

So anyways, I am going to go get down to the REAL business which is updating Hana's blog! Lots to share there... so don't forget to check it out!

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Anonymous said...

I just pulled out of a bad blogging slump myself! New layout, new buttons... I'm baaaaack! :-)