Thursday, January 29, 2009

The ant hill effect...

Rocky and I tend to have what we call "the ant hill effect" often in Japan. It just seems like in so many ways our situation always presents a challenge to officials at government offices, medical facilites and so forth. We walk in, ask a question, and the ant hill comes a live. One employee doesn't know what to do, and he goes to conference with another person and the next thing you know the whole place is gathered around with proceedure manuals, making phone calls, etc trying to figure out what to do with us.

Sometimes we go for a while without having this effect on things, but Kai's arrivals has revived the ant hill effect in full force. Our ward office obviously hasn't had ANY experience with an adoptive placement and they can figure us out! We've been to the ward office three times and each time we've created the ant hill effect. It is actually pretty entertaining to watch!

Maybe one of these days I'll take a hidden camera and catch the ant hill effect for you live!

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