Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sorry I have been missing in action!

Kai is home! Ummm has been since last Wednesday. Sorry for the lack of communication. When I am home so many other things take over my time!

Kai is all well, and we go back in the morning for a follow up visit. But I do need to let you all know about some developments with his health...

God had a big purpose for it. The first day that Kai was there, they ran a routine urine test and it came back high with white blood cell count, but his blood test did not show elevated levels for fighting infection so they assumed he didn't have a bladder infection and something else must be the source. They ordered an ultrasound on his abdomen and it showed that one kidney was retaining fluid which it is not supposed to do. So they ordered another test which is a series of xrays with contrast dye in his urine. That test showed that the left kidney was very swollen with urine, and the urine was blocked in the ureter (the tube which leads from the kidney to the bladder). So they ran a third test which was a CT scan of his kidney to get data on if the kidney was still functioning and if the ureter was totally blocked or just obstructed. The last test showed that he has a condition known as Hydronephrosis. He was born with an obstruction in the ureter. The obstruction is only partial so the kidney is still functioning and he is totally fine. He is not in any pain, and none of those tests were painful either. In fact he charmed the nurses and technicians at every test and is the talk of the hospital because he is such an easy going baby!

The RSV was a blessing! If it hadn't been caught at this stage we wouldn't have known he had an issue with his kidney until the kidney was completely ruined and he became very sick because of it!!! Praise God for that!

We will watch his growth and development from here. More than likely he will need a small proceedure after he gets over 10 kilo to open up the ureter and that is it.

God has big plans for all of this. Because of his hospitalization, I was able to share our faith and our family with many other mothers whose children were hospitalized and with LOTS of nurses at the same time. We also have three doctors who will likely be joining our English/Bible classes!!! What an opportunity to reach totally unchurched people! It has been amazing.

Kai is in no pain and no physical danger from the condition right now. His kidney just drains slowly and we have to watch for infection but I know it isn't going to be a problem!

Kai also had test for a very slight heart murmur they were hearing, which turns out to be no problem either. It is simply because one artery is a little narrow and this is common in babies and usually corrects itself as they grow! But he will be checked for that in about 6 months as well.

When I think about all that God has done in this baby's little life! We don't know the conditions of his conception or the environment he was in while he was growing in the womb, but God saved his life and brought him to us! We are thanking Him for Kai's life and how he is going to use it for His glory!


tiffany said...

God is so AWESOME!

Kim said...

WOW! Praise God that he got checked out! That is so wonderful that you got to share God's love with so many people at the hospital too!!!