Saturday, June 20, 2009

New computer...

Yipppeee! We decided to use part of our tax return to get me a little netbook computer. These are really inexpensive right now and it is really all I need to do the things I need to do most of the time. Since out notebook crashed last year Rocky and I have been sharing a computer which was/is doable but just means that I get a lot less done. My lack of blogging shows it I think.

Anyways all is well here. Kai is just growing so quickly and developing so much faster than Hana did it seems. He had to have a haircut this week which just amazed me. I've never heard of a 5 month old needing a hair cut. But he was Mr. Shaggy, so we had it cut and he looks so handsome it just melts Mommy's heart!

Hana is growing and changing as well. She is constantly surprising me with her vocabulary and sweet little spirit. I am currently overwhelmed with options on what to do with Kindergarten homeschool this fall. I need to make some decisions soon and I have still a lot to research. But I am looking forward to teaching her on a more structured basis. She is already going through some preschool workbooks with me when we have time to sit down and do some pages. and we are reading through some early reader books I've ordered. she is slowly picking up on sounding out words as we do this. It's so fun to watch them learn, it is addictive!

Our schedule took on a more normal crazy pace in the last few weeks and I have been feeling less frazzled. Maybe it is because Kai is getting older too, but for some reason I feel like myself again. I was able to work out a few nights last week but then lost the motivation and time to do it again this week. But anything is better than nothing!

I am loving teaching English classes at our church. I always said I would NOT be an English teacher, but here I am with a pretty full schedule of English teaching and I am enjoying. When I first came to Japan, I had a couple English classes and I did not enjoy it very much. More than anything the great way to connect with and get to know new people who might become interested in the Bible and God is really motivating!

I hope to be more frequent at blogging now as I need to be better about documenting our kiddos lives. So here's hoping my new little computer whom I have nicknamed Whitey "together"! If only Whitey could also clean and do laundry I'd have it made!

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tiffany said...

Just have to say, very exciting new blog layouts. Much fun!