Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Can I just say there is WAY too much information out there on homeschooling. One word sums it up totally... OVERWHELMING!!!!!!!!!

I could research for a decade and never exhaust all the resources out there. And one could spend a FORTUNE on anything and everything that you can imagine.

So I was pleased yesterday when a friend recommended that I listen to a podcast about developing your own philosophy on education. I loved the speakers four main points...
1. Sit at Jesus' feet and hear what it is that he wants for you and your children!
2. Get His way for you and your children.
3. Get to know your child (style of learning)
4. Get to know yourself (style of teaching, goals, philosophy)

It is going to be quite interesting to see where this road takes us. I feel so scatter-brained and unorganized at the moment. I'm sure I've probably already begun, but I feel like I don't know where to begin. Does that make sense??? LOL

Here goes nothing! (and yet it is everything really)

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Melody said...

Marla, those are good places to start.

It was really overwhelming for me to research all the options out there. We started with A Beka simply because I know it's a proven curriculum and I could get it for a good price. It helps that my MIL is the secretary for a local Christian school. :O)

That said - as good as A Beka is - we won't be using it for Samuel this year. It just doesn't work well with his style of learning or my style of teaching. It's not the content of the curriculum, it's the execution of it that didn't work for us.

So we started doing more research. Again, lol! We ended up deciding on My Father's World for him for K5 this year. Who knows how it will actually work out, but from everything I can tell, it will be a much better fit for us.

There is trial and error involved (and in my case it sometimes feels like it's all error!), but you get the hang of it.

Just yesterday Sam asked me why we weren't doing kindergarten any more. I didn't realize he liked it THAT much - but I am definitely thankful! I just told him that we're taking a break for summer and we have to wait until we get his new books (which we will probably be ordering in the next couple weeks). He was ok with that.

Hang in there - you can do it!