Friday, June 25, 2010

FLY lady...

Have you ever heard of FLY Lady? About 6 years ago, before Hana was born, I discovered "her" through some friends on a forum I was really involved with. I was inspired to be a better housekeeper. It did wonders for my habits in keeping our house clean. I developed a really good routine and was keeping a fairly organized spotless house, when our first little blessing arrived. All that baby stuff poured into our tiny little apartment, and I was totally consumed with soaking up every single minute with my precious newborn, adoptive breast feeding, cloth diapering, the works! So FLY lady went out the window (no pun intended).

But many of the habits I learned from her remained. My sink usually stays pretty clean (her first and key recommendation for staying motivated to keep a clean house), I still almost always get dressed in the morning (but not down to my shoes like she strongly suggests cause, well, I live in Japan and we don't wear shoes in the house here, besides I would hit my head on half our door frames if I added even half and inch to my height inside our house). I still have pretty regular days for a "house blessing" and de-clutter according to her suggestions. But I dropped the morning routines, and the night routines, the zone cleaning schedule through the month, and so forth.

Fast forward 6 years, one move later and one more baby. Just about 1.5 years ago when I was beginning to work up the energy to start a major deep cleaning on this house, planned to begin just after a guest left, we got blessing #2. And again, I was determined to soak up every amazing moment with my newborn cause this might be the last one! So FLY lady never landed that time around.

Finally, now I have the motivation and drive to get with it again. In the last week or so, I have cleaned out many closets. Some had boxes in them that haven't even been opened since we moved in here. I've rearranged, and organized, and cleaned. I've thrown away a lot of gomi (trash), maybe about 10 large bags. Mostly filled with clothes from when I was 13 kilo heavier. I feel like I'm finally making some progress, and pretty soon this house is gonna look GOOD! I'm almost there and it feels great.

The scary thing is, the last two times I nested like this (or almost nested the second time) babies came along! :/ We are not on the list for a third one and there is only one other way then that a baby would be possible...........




Kim said...

Ahhh, but wouldn't that be wonderful, ne!

Marla said...

Yes, I must admit it sort of would be. But at the same scary and crazy. I can't imagine life with 3, and I'm not so sure I could handle it.

momo said...

I had never heard of FLY Lady before. I was curious and checked out her site. I had to honestly admit that my home suffers from CHAOS. My husband and I are both slobs, and we don't have the excuse of having children. >.<

I just shined my sink per Fly Lady's baby step number 1. =) Thanks for the referral!