Sunday, June 13, 2010

Life is so fun...

Gosh, sometimes I just marvel at the life the Lord has given me. I am soooooooo blessed! And having so much fun doing what we do, being married to the man I am married to and raising these beautiful, fun children! I could not have imagined my life like this and it could not be more wonderful. My dreams were so, so, um, boring compared to what God had in store for me. And when I think about what is to come, I can't wait to see what happens!

Just coming back from our trip to the states I stand in awe of the many many blessings. So amazed at the wonderful people who love and support us. So thankful for our friends and FAMILY! We had so many wonderful, meaningful times with both. I am overwhelmed with joy and pride in these people I am so blessed to know.

The trip to America was really refreshing to me spiritually. I had several times of sweet worship and just felt the whole time that God was filling me up with spiritual rest. It is amazing how going around and sharing what God is doing in Japan and that being the only ministry responsibility we had for 7 weeks was so restful and so fulfilling. It is so important to take time to reflect on what God is doing, on his amazing power, on the miracles that He has been knitting together over time. To put them into words and share those stories with people, oh it thrilled my spirit and renewed my strength for more ministry!

I love love love what we do. I love my life! Thank you Jesus!

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