Monday, November 05, 2007

muscle toning=weight GAIN!!!!!!!


well, first of all, an update after yesterday's post. I was presently suprised to wake up this morning with significantly less pain than yesterday. I was moving a bit faster than yesterday but the frustration of not being able to do things with ease was getting to me. By the end of church this morning I was frustrated with EVERYTHING, just plain annoyed because every tiny move hurts and I have to move so slowly! I am so used to doing everything at about 90 mph. Maybe the Lord is telling me to slow down!

By this evening I was feeling good enough to work out and I am glad I did, I feel much better. A WONDERFUL friend from church loaned me a few videos from her Billy's Boot camp DVD set. so even though we got home from a concert tonight well after my gym had closed, I was able to work out here at home. You must be thinking I am crazy for doing another Billy video again, but hey, that is what made me sore, so using those same muscles is gonna make me feel better! AND now that I have some videos in my possession, I CAN MASTER THEM... HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

Now, about my TITLE.... YES, you read that right. A week worth of muscle toning has equaled about a kilo of weight GAIN! I hate seeing that higher number on the scales but I KNOW it is muscle and not fat, because my clothes fit pretty much the same, if not a bit more loose AND my waist measurement is the same so that means muscle gain, and I can certainly understand why. Monday was my regular gym workout with full body weights, Wed. and Thur. was Pilates and Friday was the DVD. In addition I ate pretty healthy this week, except for LaPaz on Monday, so I am not too upset about the weight gain. We'll see what a few more weeks at this pace does, if the muscle gain will rev up my metabolism and bring my weight back down... Hey, a girl can think positive now!!!

We had a great weekend though, Saturday and Sunday concerts. This week I need to really enjoy and get some house hold stuff and computer stuff done, because the two weeks after that are gonna be down-right CRAZY! EVERY DAY events kinda crazy...

I'm off to bed, still fighting off a cold a little too.

Good night all

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