Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's 3:51 am, not good...

so someone called the house twice in the middle of the night and let the phone ring only once. The second call I was wide awake and thinking of who might be in America needing to talk to me but chickening out after every time the dialed the phone. So couldn't sleep and came downstairs.

Decided at least to check with Mom, called her and they are fine. Whoever called and woke me up, may their hair turn green, and their eye lashes fall off! UGH! (wow that was incredibly spiteful! this is what 4 am does to me, makes me mean, very very mean)

especially after I had such a wonderful day with my little family. I DID have to go speak at chapel this morning, but after that was over I took a long afternoon nap, while KaiKai was also taking a long afternoon nap. I went to pick up Hana-baby from preschool and we had a fun little shopping trip to get stuff to make dinner. I came home and leisurely made dinner while playing with my kiddos on and off. We had a nice long dinner together, laughing and talking and Rocky and I even enjoyed a cup of tea after dinner. Then I had a fun bath time with both my kiddos. I had a nice long bath myself after they were in bed. Then I read the last of my book and... well let me just say it was a WONDERFUL evening!

I can't tell you how long it has been since we had a normal day like that. Normal, relaxing, being at HOME! I even had time to wash a put away all the dishes. It has been months since we had such a normal evening. Or at least it feels that way.

but it did my heart good. I just really really love my family. I love having the time and energy to cook and clean and play with the kids and enjoy tea and a nice bath!

I need to go back to bed...

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