Wednesday, December 27, 2006

odds and ends...

Nothing really exciting to report these days. We had a CRAZY Christmas schedule and now that is all over. We are off to a conference tomorrow for three days. I am really ready for a good break and that will come after the New Year (when we return from the conference Rocky's brother and his family will be here for a visit).

Because of our schedule I haven't been able to work out for more than a week now. OH I HATE when our schedule gets in the way of working out. It can't be helped right now, but when the new year rolls around, I am back at the gym every single chance I can get. I am however maintaining my weight just fine, even with the holidays and all the food. I never over ate, and even enjoyed some sweets! We actually bought Dr. Pepper as a little treat for ourselves, but I am totally in control of not drinking them too much! I don't know why this will power and real desire to be healthy showed up so suddenly this year, but I am SO glad it did. I really enjoy eating right and excercising now. Love it!

Just thought I'd check in. The most adorable photos and news are over on Hana's blog though!

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