Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Pilates and stuff...

Ok, so I get all of my health and wellness info on the net. I kept reading this stuff about how great pilates is, and I kept wondering what fitness had to do with the people who fly airplanes! Slowly I began to put pieces together and figure out what this whole thing was about. And I even found a few clips on YouTube that I had used a few times to do a short little work out at home.

Well, I have been so bored with my routine at the gym. I mean I've been doing basically the same thing for over a year. Since I reached my weight loss goal I knew I'd get REALLY bored really quick, without some goal to achieve or some kind of challenge. So the last few trips to the gym I decided to shake it up a bit. Last Friday I just happened to be finishing my cardio when a pilates class was beginning so I joined in. It was great, and I could tell it was working muscles in zones that my regular weight lifting doesn't touch.

So I grabbed the printout of this months schedule of classes at the gym. The pilates classes are not always at convenient times for me. The only thing I could do yesterday in line with pilates was a yoga class. I honestly didn't want to go to a Yoga class because I didn't want to have all the new age spiritual stuff crammed down my throat. I decided to try it anyways, because I suspected that the spiritual part MIGHT be left out. I was right, no spiritual stuff at all, the instructor only mentioned a few times that certain positions were beneficial for certain health issues. I really enjoyed the class and feel like it is really going to tone some good spots, and make me more flexible which I REALLY need! There are points in the routine where you'll be holding a position and your wishing the instructor would let you release it cause your muscles SCREAMING at you, "OK OK OKAY!!!!!!!!!!"

I'm headed to another pilates class tomorrow I hope. I am really enjoying these, but it might get tricky trying to juggle my schedule with the studio class schedule.

I measured my waist and I have lost another cm! That's really cool! All from just two classes of this type of excercise. It really targets the core muscles. Good stuff!

Anyways, I'm trucking along! Trying to keep it interesting... I hope this phase will last me a while!

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Cher said...

Good for you!