Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pillow talk...

Rocky and I probably communicate with each other more than any couple I have ever known. Rocky's love langauge is "quality time" and he would simply shrivel up and die without quality time to talk and hang out with me.

One of our favorite times to talk is after we crawl into bed at night. We don't talk EVERY night, sometimes one of us is in bed before the other and falls asleep before the other, or sometimes we are just too tired to talk much.

Last night I was so sleepy that I thought I'd be asleep before my head hit the pillow. But as soon as we crawled into bed we started talking and we went on for a while. We got so tickled a couple of times though, at a line I was using in our conversation...

"Cause I'm the Mommy!"

Hana is in the "why?" stage that little kids go through, or in Hana's case it is the "how come?" stage. For everything you tell her you get asked, "how come?" As many of you parents probably remember well, there are times that little question can crawl under your skin and make you think you're gonna go crazy if you hear it one more time. Especially when it is not simple to explain the reason why, the only answer is "just because it is". Which of course is not a very satisfactory answer to most 3 year olds and usually gets even more inquisition.

So my favorite answers are...
"because God made it that way!"
"because I'm the Mommy!" (this one gets used when she wants to know why Mommy told her to do something or not to do something)

Both of which usually can't be argued with, and that ends the matter then and there.

Well last night Rocky kept pushing on my feet while he was talking to me and I don't know why but it was driving me nuts. So I told him to stop and he said, "how come?" (immitating Hana's voice) and I said, "Because I'm the Mommy!" He just grunted and said, "That's a really convenient line isn't it!?" And we both burst out laughing (trying not to laugh so hard as to wake the little 3 year old sleeping in the next room). Then several minutes later I used my power line again on him and it sent us into giggles again!

What a convenient line, and amazingly enough one I wondered if I'd ever get the chance to use. But now I get to BECAUSE...

I'm the Mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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