Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Back from the states! But unfortunately having computer problems. My laptop just shut down on me the day after we got back, and it is taking forever to get it up and going again, because we are so busy! So I hijacked Rocky's computer this afternoon while he is working on me.

Oh goodness, where do I begin. Well, the states was AWESOME, but long and exhausting. We were so ready to get home. And can I just say this, I am so Japanese. I shock even myself sometimes with how different I am, and I how I just don't fit in America anymore. I still love America don't get me wrong, but I think after 11 years (YEP ELEVEN years!) this is home. I could not wait to have some noodles or rice and get into a Japanese bath! ahhhhhhhhhhhh, it is heaven!

Hana is doing well being back. She is a little shy speaking Japanese, even her teachers at preschool say she spouts off to them in English a lot. She REALLY prefers English right now. She is LOVING the food though, she has stuffed herself silly at most meals. I made spaghetti last night and she was disappointed... she scarfed down her salad though. I can't blame her, I'll make more Japanese food tonight!

Well, on the health and wellness side of things, I did not gain a single pound in the states! However, I was not able to work out much at all, and I know I lost muslce and replaced that with a little bit of fat. So I have some work to do. To decision about the gym is official, I am not joining again. We ordered a home eliptical trainer (which comes tomorrow, I can't wait) and I brought home some DVD's with me. I have been working out to DVD's for the past few days and I like it. Especially when I have the eliptical trainer, it's gonna be great! It is rainy season, and I went jogging the other morning and came back pretty wet even though it was only a drizzle outside. Once rainy season is over it is going to be miserably hot out, so I am thankful that we got a home machine. It was really inexpensive, and about 4 months of the gym would have equalled the cost of the machine. So we will be ahead in no time! Plus Rocky is going to use it too!!!

I am now officially an early bird! For the last week I have gone to bed by 10pm and gotten up by 6am every day! I am really liking it. When we married, Rocky and I were at total opposite ends of the scale. I loved going to bed at 10 or so, and he loved staying up to till 2 or 3am. We sorta of met in the middle, and often were in bed by midnight or 1am at the latest most of the time. But I have never really liked that so much cause I just can't get up before 7am if I got to bed that late. And I almost always need a nap if I do have to get up early. But I took advantage of jet lag (and an ailing computer) and started going to bed early every night. I so enjoyed the early mornings, I am determined to stick to it. And now, not going to the gym, I can easily do it! If Hana is in bed by 8, I can easily be done with my workout by 9 or 9:30, shower and go to bed. OR, if I get up at 6am, I can easily get my workout done in the morning before she wakes up! I have yet to try working out while she is up, we'll see how that goes when we are forced to!

This new schedule means the loss of a few things, mostly being able to chat online with people in the states. But I'll make changes where needed for that. I was spending way too much time on the computer late at night before anyways.

Well, I'm sure I have a million more things to share about the states but that'll have to do for now. I am just glad to be home! There will be more pics coming soon, when we get our computer issues worked out. And be sure to keep up with the ministry over on that blog! There'll be lots of Hana updates coming soon too.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome Home! Sorry we missed you in the states, but hopefully we'll see you in January in Japan!