Sunday, June 29, 2008

The cut...

It'll grow... that's all I got to say!


Anonymous said...

Personally, I love it! It really flatters the shape of your face and looks very hip and modern to me!

And, on an unrelated note, the biceps in the top photo have caused me to run--not walk--to get on my elliptical machine!

Lookin' good, girlfriend!!!


Marla said...

Laura, you are so sweet and so funny! Run girl! RUN!!!! I just got off my elliptical machine... felt GREAT!

Are you still thinking about cleansing?

I need to reply to your email. I will do that very soon, and YES, I'd be honored to be a guest on your blog! Love ya tons,

Momma said...

Actually, I think it's a great cut to work into various styles. Try flipping your hair upside down (bending over, forward) and majorly mussing/touseling it up with your fingers by quickly rubbing it back and forth. Then flip it over and use pomade or spray to work it into a windblown or layered style. Kind of like Lisa Rinna's.