Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dead and Resurrected!

More than anything, everyday I celebrate the death and resurrection of my Lord Jesus Christ. I must say that before I say...

Today I am also celebrating the death and resurrection of my computer.

And to my precious hubby, THANK YOU for all the tedious hours you spent saving my little friend. What can I do to repay you!? I love you sweety! Thank you again!

So that means, I can finally share pictures... BUT, it is 9:20 and I am sitting here in a pool of sweat cause I just finished my workout, 40 mintues of pilates and 30 minutes on my NEW elipitical trainer (more about that later) so I must grab a shower and get to bed. I have been in bed by 10 every night since we came home and I am not about to change that now, I am loving my early mornings!!!

Quick snippet about my eliptical trainer, it cost the same as about 5 months of gym membership, we decided it was a better deal to get one for home. Maybe Rocky will join me in using it! It is a simple, pretty inexpensive one but I really enjoyed my first run on it tonight! I was sweating, that is pretty much all I care about!

Loving my new pilates videos too!

Anyways, off to shower and get to bed. If you could smell me from there, you would thank me! ;)

nighty night!

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Toni said...

Yay, Marla. Sounds like a fixed 'puter and a great workout are cause to feel great! I work out on my Ultra Glide every other day and really love it. And, uh...I have a pilates dvd as well. I've been dragging my feet to check it out, but you motivated me to do so.

Thanks so much for the blog link. That tomato tuna salad is sooooo my kind of meal. Can't wait to dig deeper on her blog.
p.s. so nice to "see" you at my blog.