Thursday, March 29, 2007

My hubby's birthday!

Today was my sweet hubby's birthday! We spent the day with friends, and went to Costco! That is one of our favorite places and we had a great time today. We came back and celebrated with dinner together. It was so much fun.

Every year at Rocky's birthday I am reminded of something very interesting. I am reminded of how amazing it is that he is here and I got the chance to be married to him.

You see, the school I first worked at here in Japan is called Seinan Jo Gakuin and they have a chapel high up on a hill. This chapel, during WWII was supposedly taken over by the Japanese Military and was being used as a major communications hub. Our city, Kitakyushu, was bombed heavily because there are a lot of steel making factories here. I have been told by several people that the city of Kitakyushu and more specifically THAT CHAPEL up on the hill was the original target of the atomic bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki. The day the plane flew over to drop the bomb, it was cloudy here in Kitakyushu and the pilot could not see his target so they moved on to Nagasaki. If the bomb had been dropped that day, Rocky's Dad was two years old and lived a few miles from that location. He likely would NOT have survived, and the course of history would have been changed. Rocky would never have been born. Even IF Rocky's Dad HAD survived, the school would have been destroyed and so many people who have played a part in that schools history as well and it may not have continued so that I would eventually come there one day to serve as a missionary in Japan!

There is no telling how many other things the Lord orchestrated to protect our mother's and father's before we were born, and then to protect us throughout our lives to bring us to where we are now. But when you know a fact as powerful as this one, it is eye opening.

I am so thankful for my precious husband's birthday. So thankful that he was born and we were brought together!

Happy Birthday, Sugarpie!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I just can't help it! You are a precious and thoughtful husband, an amazing father and such a sweet best friend! I've spent 7 of your birthdays as your wife and I look forward to AT LEAST 70 more! (Would that make you 106??? *wink, wink*)

hugs and kisses,
Your Sugarpie

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