Friday, March 09, 2007

A rare sight...

Every once in a while I see something in Japan that is so out of place, it GRABS my attention. This evening after I dropped Rocky off at a Gospel music class, Hana and I stayed in the shopping center where the class is held to have dinner and walk around a bit. As I was wheeling Hana down the corridor in her Mickey Mouse car/entertainment center (you gotta see these strollers, someday I'll take a picture), something caught my eye. There were small benches in the middle of the corridor for shoppers to stop and have a rest and there sat an older couple. The first thing that struck me as odd was they were smiling and laughing with each other, as I took a closer look, they were sitting close to one another and the man had his hand on his wife's knee, patting it and affectionately holding onto it as they laughed together. I found this sight so surprising a smile spread wide across my face. They noticed my smile and smiled back and then began to adore my sweet little cart occupant.

Those of you in America are probably thinking, "Now what was so odd about that sight?" It shouldn't be such a unique thing to see, but I can confidently say I have never seen a married couple, especially older, show each other that sort of affection in public and enjoying each other's company. I rarely see couples even speak to each other, so to see them talking and laughing together was also quite unique. It warmed my heart, and was a bit of an encouragement to see that there may be some happy couples somewhere out there in this country.

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