Wednesday, March 14, 2007

TEN years

I am feeling a bit sentimental lately. Thinking back on lots of things. I think what has triggered it is that this year marks 10 years since I came to Japan. Except for spending about 10 months back in America between my mission term and Rocky and I's marriage, I have spent all that 10 years living in Japan. Almost 1/3 of my life has been spent here. WOW!

Ten years is a long time. It seems like I have been here 2 or 3 years maybe. Time really flies when you are having fun. I mean it REALLy flies.

I was thinking back on a lot of things today for some reason. A lot of "if...then" type of stuff. For example...

If my Dad hadn't passed away of ALS, my relationship with the Lord would not have changed so drastically when it did.
If my relationship with the Lord had not changed so drastically I wouldn't have been as involved in church when our college group went to Passion '97.
If I hadn't gone to Passion '97 I wouldn't have received the call on my life to missions when I did.
I was called to missions so I applied to become a Journeyman with the IMB
They sent me to Japan
In Japan I met Rocky
I married Rocky
and on and on and on...

ten years

If you had told me even 11 years ago that I would become a missionary I'd have laughed in your face. If you'd told me I would someday speak another language fluently, I would never have believed you. If you had told me I would marry a Japanese man (or anyone not American) or that I would live in a foreign country or any of these things, I'd have declared you insane on the spot. NO WAY. Not this small town girl. I wanted something different in my life, something with a little more adventure, but not THAT MUCH adventure!

What an incredible ride it has been, and it is just beginning really. WOW

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