Sunday, March 16, 2008

EIGHT years!

This last week was our 8 year wedding anniversary. I can not believe 8 years has passed!

There was a very important church meeting scheduled on the evening of our wedding anniversary though so we weren't able to celebrate on that particular day. Rocky never mentioned specifically any others plans for a date so I decided to surprise him with a special evening out! I started planning it more than a week in advance, and I am still amazed he never found out about it.

We always go to our church's cafe on Friday so I made plans for someone to take care of Hana that afternoon and evening from cafe on. As soon as we got there, I got Hana's belongings situationed with our friends, and two notes and a bag of nice clothes in place for Rocky. Then I disappeared!

After I had been gone a while, delivering other notes at specific points along his journey, I sent the signal for them to get him started at church and he was handed a note from me. It told him that we are going to celebrate our anniversary tonight but I have vanished and he has to find me! He was instructed to change into the nice clothes provided and get a ride to the train station.

From there he received notes from various people along the way, he had to go from one train station to the next, to a snack stand, to the barber shop (including get his hair cut and a shave), to Hana's preschool, and finally to our supermarket! He just died laughing when he saw me at his last destination!

It was so fun. I think I went around with a stupid grin on my face from the moment I snuck out of church until he arrived at the supermarket. It was so fun imagining him going through the steps of his "scavenger hunt". Over dinner he told me all the details of his hunt, and I told him all the details of trying to plan it without him finding out!

We had a wonderful romantic evening alone. Hana did awesome spending the night with friends. It couldn't have been more perfect! Now the only problem is, how are we gonna top that on the next special occassion?! Rocky's birthday is the end of this month, but I am exhausted from the anniversary surprise, I hope a simple birthday cake with friends will do this time!!! ;)

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