Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I love Spring!

I just love Spring time. Growing up in West Texas I never really understood what was so great about all the seasons of the year. In Texas, it is either cold or hot, and it's windy all the time (or it seemed that way to me). I only knew about Fall colors and Spring flowers from stories and pictures in books.

Here, I get to enjoy clearly defined seasons. Four distinct seasons and the change is obvious. This week flowers are blooming everywhere, my nose alerted me to this even before my eyes did (hay fever)! Today as I was going to pick up Hana in the morning, I noticed nothing in the trees lining the street we take to school but by this afternoon there were 6 or 8 blossoms peaking out on almost every tree along the street. Hana and I played in the park for a while on the way home. She picked a daisy and was so in love with it. She cried when she accidentally forgot she was holding it in her hand and crushed it while playing a game of chase with me.

I love being able to open the windows in the house, and the temperature be comfortable all day. I love when my clothes that I hang out to dry actually get dry by afternoon! In just a few weeks, they'll start getting dry within a few hours of hanging them out!!! I love the feeling of the warm sunshine, and the smell of the flowers blooming in the air. I also love hearing birds chirping outside. I love Spring!

This week would be perfect except for one thing, a thing I hate. COMPUTERS! They can be so infuriating. They can make your life so simple and wonderful, connect you to your friends and family, be a source of joy and laughs, a quick source of info when you need it right away, etc. But they can also make your life a living nightmare when they don't work right. Mine is trying to drive me to the looney house at the moment. You remember when computers used to take several minutes to carry out every command you gave them. Like opening a program took at least a minute. Or better yet, turning on and booting up the computer took maybe 5 days, or maybe that was more like 5 minutes, but at any rate it was close to an eternity! Well mine has decided to act like it was made back in the day when that was the norm. It is taking my poor hubby many extra hours of effort to figure out what is causing this. Bless his patient soul. I, on the other hand was born with my father's tempter. For those of you who didn't know my father, let me translate for you... if it were up to me, I would throw this computer off the top of a mountain right now! Just to teach it a lesson!!! LOL

That reminds me of a story my Mom used to tell. One day she was at home with us (or maybe it was just when my brother was a baby) and Dad was out on the tractor. They communicated with each other by CB radio. Mom had been radioing to get his attention all afternoon but he never responded. When he finally came in that evening and she told him she'd been trying to reach him, he got so mad at the CB radio for not working he marched outside to his pick-up, reached in and ripped the CB radio out with his bare hands, and threw it up into a tree. I bet that radio hung there for years! As a matter of fact, I may even remember seeing it there in my younger days... LOL

Well that is precisly how I feel about my computer right now. It better watch its P's and Q's cause I am about on my last thread of patience with it! grrrrrr!

I'm praying for patience, and for healing for my computer!

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Your Sugarpie said...

Sugarpie, I knew I've been married to you for so long when I banged on that cranky printer the other day!! And I know you have been married to me for so long 'cause you haven't thrown that PC out the window yet. Isn't it beautiful how we complement each other?? LOL I love you sooooooo much!!!