Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring has Sprung...

OH MY GOODNESS today was SUCH a beautiful day! I wanted to stay outside ALL day long. It was sunny and only the slightest hint of lingering coolness in the air. I walked Hana to and from preschool today and walked as slowly as I could to enjoy every second of it. It was awesome...

And what a perfect week for Spring to come. The 11th was Rocky and I's wedding anniversary. 8 years! WOW, time has really flown by. I can not believer we have been married ofr 8 whole years. It has been so fun and a non-stop adventure it seems. I am so so so so so blessed beyond words. He's still my best friend, still makes me tingle, I still adore him and love to be with him! He's an amazing father and husband, and ministry partner. He's just amazing. I still wonder when someone is going to wake me up from this dream. I could go on like this for 80 more years, and you better believe I'm gonna try!

Unfortunately though, our anniversary was a busy day filled with life responsibilities and no time for fun. I hope we can remedy that soon. Maybe we'll have to mix anniversary and his birthday into one celebration. Spontaneity really changes when you have kiddos.

Our random busy schedule is getting in the way of my fitness and healthy eating too. I'm not doing terrible, not falling off the wagon or anything. Haven't gained any weight but just not able to work out as much as I'd like and eating out more than I prefer. I am hoping the next four weeks before we go to America I can better control things in this area. Just wanted be really in tip top shape before this whirlwind tour where I doubt I'll be able to work out much at all.

Isagenix by the way, the company where I got the cleanse I did recently and blogged about it, TOTALLY rocks! I can not tell you how awesome it is to be a part of this company. I am loving the products and the extra money it brings in, and every part of it! LOVE IT!

Hana is doing GREAT right now. She is in a very loving obedient stage. She is just such a joy to be with. Her talking ability is getting better all the time and it is so fun to communicate with her about what is going on in her mind. She's just too precious for words.

Have I mentioned that I can not wait to come to the states???!!! So excited!

Gotta run!

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Cher said... sweet. I smile whenever I think of your blessed, beautiful little family.

Love, Cher