Monday, May 15, 2006

Back to workout!

Finally feeling better and able to work out again. I worked out at home last night but forgot to post my stats. So just for my record keeping...

home stepper: 55 min, 540 cal, 4500 steps (and it felt GREAT!)
stretching and various little toning exercises

Today at the gym

stepper: 35 min, 145 stories, 350 cal (I significantly increased my workout today for the gym stepper which is harder than my little home stepper) AND it felt GREAT!
arms, legs, abs, back and stretching

I did it all today because tomorrow is the gyms day to be closed. I'll probably work out at home but because I can't do any weights again until Wednesday I did the whole deal.

breakfast: toast, milk
lunch: grilled chicken sandwhich, salad, small ginger-ale
dinner: curry and rice, salad, cake for mother's day (withe Rocky's parents)

And the greatest news of all, drum roll please.......................................................
68.0 kilo today!!!! I was sort of hoping it would drop down to below 67.something by the time I got out of the shower and sauna, but I didN't get to see that 7. Oh well maybe Wednesday. But my goal is to be 65 by the time we leave for the states in June, and at this pace I'm not going to make it. I stayed steady in the 68's almost all last month. If I don't hunker down and really "diet" in my eating I think I might stay pretty steady. Not that I am not losing inches, you wouldn't believe the difference in my arms, legs, abs, etc. Even my hands look thinner, and my face, totally different, but for some reason I'd just like to see the reduction on the scales too!

We had a great weekend though and spent all of today recording. Hana went to stay with Baba (grandma) all day, and Rocky and I worked in the studio. We had a small scare with Rocky's eye Saturday night, he was seeing an odd blurry, bright field in the center of his vision. We were really worried, but the doc today said it is a form of migraine. Sure enough Rocky looked it up online when he got home and one page about the name of the migraine Rocky's doc siad he had, had a drawing of what the blurry, bright spot looks like and Rocky said that is exactly what he was seeing! what a relief that physically he had no problem with his eyes, but he is straining his eye too much working so much on the computer so I have to keep an eye on him (no pun intended) and make him take it easy.

Well I better go get ready for bed. The gym was really busy tonight and it took me forever, and it is already midnight.

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