Friday, May 26, 2006

BZZZZZZZZZ, busy bees

Life couldn't get any more crazy. It seems our days are filled to the brim, every single minutes scheduled with something until we barely have time to commute from one place to the next. We often find that we have over committed, but realize it too late, and that is happening to us now. Because of the trip to the states, we have so much we have to get done before we go as well.

We have a guest here with us right now, a musician who is traveling in the area. We are sponsor three days of ministry for him. Last night we had a concert at a church in the middle of town. Tonight he will be at our church doing live night for our weekly cafe. and tomorrow he will be at another Christian cafe. He's staying with us so we are doing all the transporting, setting up, administrating and so forth. Plus feeding and housing him, makes for a busy week! Then Sunday we have a concert ourselves in the morning and then Afureru! in the afternoon. OH MY! The next two weeks after that are just as packed full of events, right up until the day we leave for the states. WE are NUTS!

In the midst of it all I still workout and am eating right. I was so excited to weigh in at 67.5 kilo on Wednesday! I finally saw that 7 on the scale! I was sooooooooooo excited. But today, tomorrow and Sunday I won't make it to the gym and will have to do my stepper here at home. I won't know if I've stayed steady or lost more until I go to the gym on Monday.

God is doing so many incredible things. I saw a neat woman whose little girl was dressed so cute in a department store the other day and decided to approach her and give her a qtbaby business card. She was sooooooooo excited to meet us and ended up leaving with business cards for our ministry and Gospel Kitakyushu (the internet radio station) in the end. The next day we got an email from her that she is married to one of Rocky's elementary school classmates. While looking at our website, her husband recognized Rocky! We are so excited about such an encounter and hope to get to know them.

That reminds me, the website is up! It still needs work but you can check it out (even though it is all in Japanese) and we have two outfits on the Yahoo! Japan auction website. Still no bids on them though.

I gotta go, lots to do, OF COURSE!

many blessings

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