Friday, May 12, 2006

I need to catch up...

So worked out both the 10th and 11th but didn't post cause I was depressed, I've hit like a weight rut or something. I can NOT get out of the 68's and was wanting to be down to 65kilo by mid June when we go back to the states. At this rate, that ain't happening. So I'm bummed. But the good news is, with my new oven I can fix some majorly healthy stuff! I LOVE the cookbook that came with it. Tonight we had some really perfectly cooked stuffed bell peppers. It was so awesome, the setting I baked them on, microwaved and grilled them at the same time with steam action going as well. You know I said this oven works with a new steam baking technology. it was so cool. They came out PERFECT, nice and crispy on top. mmmmmmmmmm, yummy! I also did some cut up long onions topped off with some ground garlic, katsuo and soy sauce microwaved for like two minutes. It was soooooo easy and really YUMMY! Rocky loved it! I am going to need another cookbook that goes with this oven. They've got great stuff in there. And majorly healthy!!! Have I said that I love my new oven.

So even though I am in a weight rut, my shape is changing and it is GREAT! I don't even recognize my own waist or my legs. Still have quite a ways to go but I'm still excited about the difference. My only problem is NONE of my clothes fit! I spend all day pulling up my jeans, and I can't buy any new ones in Japan because Japanese clothes don't fit. Today I went to teach English songs at one kindergarten and I nearly lost my pants half way through one song with lots of motions. The kids follow my moves so I was afraid if I reached down and pulled up my pants they'd all do the same. but they were about to fall off! whew, it would have been embarrasing to lose them. So anyways, I'm going clothes shopping as soon as we get to the states!

My other major delima (if you're a guy and your reading, skip this paragraph) I am losing weight in one very unfortunate area... my boobs! they are disappearing rapidly and I don't have much to lose. I was so excited to be actually filling out my bras, but not anymore. ughhh

Back to my oven again but, I gotta go upload a picture of my baking hot dog buns from Wednesday, mmmmmmmmm yummy! Let me go get that...

I gotta make our own hot dog buns and hamburger buns here and I make some yummmmy ones, even if I do say so myself! mmmmmmmm they were good!

Ok, so other than that, nothing exciting going on here. Anne and I are trying to figure out what is the best way to do our qtbaby business online because I have realized that I know so little about creating a shopping cart online and it is overwhelming to keep up with it anyways. so we are starting out with Yahoo! Auction. We'll see how that goes this coming week. I registered tonight and they have to send me an address confirmation thingy, so I can't put any items up till I get that registered letter from Yahoo! But then I'll be putting some clothes up to see how they sell!!! Can't wait!!!

OK, I'm outta here for now. I have an upset tummy today so I am taking a break from working out.

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