Saturday, May 06, 2006

tomorrow I get my life back...

Whew, what a week it has been. In the first week of May several holidays fall close together and it is called Golden Week, everyone gets a good amount of time off work and they all go and visit family. this is the week Rocky's brother and his family always come to visit from Osaka. It has been fun, but crazy. We are the hosts, and cooking for 8 people is WILD. Thank goodness we all went out to eat tonight, I don't think I would have made it through one more evening! They leave tomorrow. Oh I wish I could go workout but I don't think I can, we have a meeting in the afternoon and it will probably last until it is too late for me to go to the gym since they close early on Sunday. It will be the home stepper for me tomorrow night. If that thing survives anymore of my workouts. Each time I use it I find little plastic pieces on the floor underneath it that are breaking off from somewhere. It will begin to make a horrible noises while I am on it and then CRACK, something breaks off and it is fairly quiet again! Really unnerving. It is going to throw me across the room one of these days.

So I haven't been able to work out in three days and have been eating like a pig, it will be interesting to see what has happened to my weight. I do NOT look forward to getting on the scales Monday at the gym...

I'm off to bed for now. Hana has been sleeping in our room since the guests are here, and every move she makes at night wakes me up. She woke up at SIX a.m. this morning. That is WAY early for her. I was getting up to get ready for our flea market (which by the way was rained out) and she woke up with me. I thought it would be a tough day, but since we got rained out and came home she went straight down for a nap and slept THREE hours! YEA!!!

Okidoki, good night!

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