Monday, May 01, 2006

too busy to blog!

We were out of town over the weekend I didn't get to work out on Sat. Then Sunday I worked out here at home last night but didn't get to blog. I had a 50 minute workout on my stepper here in at home last night. it felt AWESOME! Can't remember the steps and calorie stats, but they were high. But I did HORRIBLE eating this weekend, snacked a lot (at the church between activities) and at chocolate on the way home! ugh! and I drank a coke to stay awake on the drive home. BAD BAD me! That was my first coke in at least two weeks, I can't remember when I last had one.

But today I am back on track...

35 minutes on stepper, 140 storriesclimed, 344 calories
legs, abs stretching

breakfast: toast, milk
lunch: a little bit of rice, miso soup, carrot salad, tea
snack: a couple of chocolate covered almonds, a little bit of Hana's popcorn
dinner: chicken with oroshi daikon, salad, a little bit of rice

There is this guy at the gym that thinks it is his job to comment on everything I do. He tells me I am not standing properly or not pulling properly or SOMETHING. It drives me nuts! I wish he would leave me alone.

Otherwise I have a few other good little buddies at the gym. It is certainly a little community, there are those of us who are there EVERY day at the same time, and we get to know each other a little. Most of them are just now figuring out that I understand Japanese so they are starting to talk to me more and more each day. It's fun.

I am convinced however, that weighing yourself is NOT the best way to determine how workout and diet are going. weight can be soooo deceiving. My body shape has changed DRAMATICALLY in the last 6 weeks, but my weight has not changed that significantly. and like today, when I came into the gym I weight 69.4 by the time I finished my workout I weighed 69 even. After my shower and a couple sessions in the sauna, I weighted 68.6! That is almost one complete kilo difference. VERY misleading.

so I am saying that my weight today was 68.6 (cause I like that number the best!)

I'm off to bed, tomorrow we FINALLY get to unveil our qtbaby business! It is forcast to be a sunny day and we have a flea market to go to! Hopefully pictures tomorrow!

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